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Low Carbon Hub

What they do

Low Carbon Hub is a social enterprise that’s out to prove we can meet our energy needs in a way that is good for people and good for the planet.

The Hub develops clean, green community owned renewable energy and reinvests 100% of its surplus into community benefit to further lower carbon emissions.

Low Carbon Hub is creating a better energy template, not just for Oxfordshire, but for the whole of the UK.

The Community Energy Fund

The Low Carbon Hub Community Energy Fund aims to raise £4 million of equity over the next three years to pursue a range of opportunities that will enable it to strengthen and grow its portfolio of community energy projects.

Low Carbon Hub was thrilled to raise £782,335 of investment into the Community Energy Fund in its first year. This money is already being put to work to support community energy projects across Oxfordshire. £628,715 was used to buy out Oxford City Council’s short-term debt in the existing solar 2016 portfolio, giving the Fund a stake in already operational projects. This means the business can start to accrue the funds to pay interest to investors from day one. The investment has also supported the new projects pipeline, providing the long-term capital to fund solar PV arrays at Sonning Common Primary School, Longfields Primary and Nursery School and the pre-development costs on two more sites.

By investing in the Low Carbon Hub, you will help to:

  1. Grow its portfolio of rooftop solar PV arrays
  2. Invest in the Hub's Solar 2016 portfolio - bringing this existing portfolio of renewable energy projects more into community ownership by paying off a portion of the short term loan from Oxford City Council which was taken out in order to fund the initial installation of some of the projects
  3. Develop new types of community energy projects

The Fund differs from previous Low Carbon Hub share offers in that it offers investors a more flexible way to invest. The Fund will:

  • raise investment for a wide range of projects rather than being tied to a fixed portfolio of projects
  • investors can apply to withdraw their capital after year four (subject to funds being available)
  • re-open every year for a limited time to give investors a regular opportunity to invest.


The Low Carbon Hub

Climate change is a global crisis that needs local solutions. With the support of Members and partners, the Low Carbon Hub has already built renewable energy projects for schools and businesses across Oxfordshire. It is producing electricity that is not just cleaner and greener, but cheaper too. Host organisations save money on their bills, all of their surpluses are re-invested in local carbon-cutting initiatives, lowering carbon emissions further, and its investor Members receive a fair return for their financial support.

Track record


Since its inception, the Low Carbon Hub has successfully raised over £4 million of investment, enabling it to deliver three portfolios of community-owned hydro and roof-top solar PV renewable energy projects across Oxfordshire. The Hub's projects deliver:

  • Reduced carbon emissions through the generation of clean, green electricity
  • Lower energy bills for schools and organisations hosting our solar PV installations
  • Interest payments to the investors whose capital funds the projects
  • Long-term funding to support further carbon-cutting activity in the community

In just a few short years the portfolio of renewable energy projects has grown from a single roof to a portfolio of 42 renewable energy projects at an original capital cost of £8.1 m. Of this, £3.8 million relates to the Solar portfolios held by the Low Carbon Hub IPS Limited and £4 million relates to Sandford Hydro, which is held in a wholly owned subsidiary, Sandford Hydro Limited. This has been made possible thanks to the £5.1m of investment from 955 investor Members and an additional £3m of debt funding plus additional funding.

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