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Community owned renewable energy - a win win win to protect people and the planet

16 August 2019

With a significant need to rapidly catalyse grass roots action on climate change community owned renewable energy projects provide a unique way to do this that benefits people and the planet and this blog talks about how the sector can be scaled.


The ethical question of alcohol

29 July 2019

Can alcohol every be ethical? This blog looks at the interesting relationship between society and alcohol.


Climate action – doing it for the kids!

29 May 2019

Find out how children are acting as catalysts for action on climate change and how Solar for Schools are tapping into this phenomenon


5 things everyone should know about Community Land

04 May 2019

Community Land Trusts are popping up all over the UK, with the aim of bringing more buildings into community ownership in a bid to tackle some of the big social problems facing communities today. But what are they all about and why do they make good investments?

Here are the top five things we think you need to know about CLTs


Can the Community Land Trusts be the solution for the critical UK housing crisis?

08 April 2019

With the lack of ambitious reforms from government then some local groups are taking matters into their own hands. Locally set up community organisations are forming Community Land Trusts (CLTs), with the aim of creating permanently affordable housing for local residents


How CITR is providing accessible finance for Social Enterprises and SMEs

01 April 2019


Organisations that have a social and community focus contribute to a more equal society which puts people, communities and the environment first. However, of the 100,000 + social enterprises and SMEs in the UK which contribute £60 billion to the economy and employ 2 million people, 60% struggle to access affordable finance. This is where a little know tax relief called CITR has a useful role to play. 


Ethex helps UK schools to tackle climate change in the classroom with latest solar investment bond

25 March 2019


Ethex has reissued its call for investors to help schools harness the power of the sun to produce low-cost electricity. After four previous successful raises – bringing in almost £1.5 million – Solar for Schools has returned to the Ethex platform as investors look to make the most of their money during ISA season.


3 in 5 people take ethical considerations into account when shopping for financial services - yet just 17% have ethical investments.

07 March 2019


3 in 5 people take ethical considerations into account when shopping for financial services – yet just 17% have ethical investments with millenials driving shift in ethical investing.


A look at gender in ethical investing this International Women's Day

05 March 2019


This International Women's Day we want to celebrate the women within the ethical finance industry. Ethes are proud to feature investment opportunities in ethical businesses that are run by pioneering female leaders. 


From Fairtrade to ethical finance - do you know what you're funding?

27 February 2019


This Fairtrade Fortnight, it’s worth considering what your money might be indirectly funding through your financial product choices as well as the direct impact of the products you purchase


Community Investment Tax Relief, real world returns and social impact

09 January 2019

The Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR) was set up by the government to encourage high net-worth individuals and companies to invest in local businesses, entrepreneurs and social enterprises over long-term. 


Gifts that Keep on Giving

19 December 2018

As an ethically-minded consumer, it’s that time of year that you dread. Research says that 32%* of people receive at least one unwanted present every year with an average value of £155. That amounts to around £2.6 billion spent unnecessarily every Christmas.


Developing a Sustainable Transport System through Individual Action

19 December 2018

People can use their money in ways to address climate change, build resilient communities and tackle poverty. One of the most compelling opportunities that is currently on the Ethex platform is from Electric Blue.


Rethinking Tenancy: A Rental Model with Community Spirit

19 November 2018

To buy or to rent? This binary opposition defines the UK housing market. The Community Land Trusts (CLTs) have emerged as potential saviours of divided communities.


How Can We Make Impact Investing More Accessible?

14 November 2018

The increasing financialization of the investment industry has meant it has lost its connection with the person on the street. Being open, transparent and demonstrating the positive impact an investment can have in the real world is a powerful way of reengaging people with investing.

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