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Investing in tech that benefits people and the planet

25 August 2020


Ethex hosts Climate Action Week Event

26 June 2020


Community Energy 2030 vision published

15 June 2020


Low Carbon Hub raise £1.5 million on Ethex for a better energy future

10 June 2020


Building the green conversation online

20 May 2020


Power to Change launches up to £12 million of emergency support for community businesses

01 May 2020


Fifth Close Of The Resonance West Midlands SITR Fund

27 April 2020


10 Things To Know About Social Investment Tax Relief

27 April 2020


At times like this....

02 April 2020

Ethex CEO Lisa Ashford reflects on positive investing at a time of crisis.


Supporting a better future for British Farming

30 March 2020

 As the world awakens to the need for change in all areas of industry, organisations like the ELC are using methods of farming that are actually improving the local ecology, creating livelihoods for farmers and bringing communities together.


Positive investing and the Coronavirus

20 March 2020

Ethex looks at why supporting social businesses and communities is a great thing to be doing


Let's get Digital!

20 March 2020

 6 easy steps to keep investing positively online – providing valuable support for sustainable businesses


Targeting high growth and high impact - the case for investing in tech for good.

04 March 2020


Cycling for all!

06 February 2020

Air pollution is a major problem in the UK, especially for people living in and near major cities. Find out how pioneering organisations like Get Cycling are helping to tackle the problem


5 easy steps towards a greener Christmas

09 December 2019

If you're trying to have an ethical Christmas this year, then check out our 5 key recommendations


Become a supporter of the community-led housing movement

21 November 2019

Anne-Helene Sinha, investment manager responsible for CAF Venturesome’s Community Led Housing Funds, reflects on why supporting communities to tackle the housing crisis can be a game changer.


Squaring the Circle

21 October 2019

How can you reduce carbon emissions whilst ensuring that households living in fuel poverty can heat their homes?


Spilling the beans about CITR

09 October 2019

Find out how CITR can provide attractive tax reliefs of investors supporting small businesses and social enterprises


Fixing UK Solar at the General Election – What can Politicians do?

28 August 2019

With a likely General Election around the corner, Will Cottrell, Chairman of Brighton Energy Coop looks at what policy changes need to urgently happen to reinvigorate the solar sector in the UK


Community owned renewable energy - a win win win to protect people and the planet

16 August 2019

With a significant need to rapidly catalyse grass roots action on climate change community owned renewable energy projects provide a unique way to do this that benefits people and the planet and this blog talks about how the sector can be scaled.


The ethical question of alcohol

29 July 2019

Can alcohol every be ethical? This blog looks at the interesting relationship between society and alcohol.


Climate action – doing it for the kids!

29 May 2019

Find out how children are acting as catalysts for action on climate change and how Solar for Schools are tapping into this phenomenon


5 things everyone should know about Community Land

04 May 2019

Community Land Trusts are popping up all over the UK, with the aim of bringing more buildings into community ownership in a bid to tackle some of the big social problems facing communities today. But what are they all about and why do they make good investments?

Here are the top five things we think you need to know about CLTs


Can the Community Land Trusts be the solution for the critical UK housing crisis?

08 April 2019

With the lack of ambitious reforms from government then some local groups are taking matters into their own hands. Locally set up community organisations are forming Community Land Trusts (CLTs), with the aim of creating permanently affordable housing for local residents


How CITR is providing accessible finance for Social Enterprises and SMEs

01 April 2019


Organisations that have a social and community focus contribute to a more equal society which puts people, communities and the environment first. However, of the 100,000 + social enterprises and SMEs in the UK which contribute £60 billion to the economy and employ 2 million people, 60% struggle to access affordable finance. This is where a little know tax relief called CITR has a useful role to play. 


Co Cars closes offer after a successful over-raise

01 September 2020

Low Carbon Hub 2020 share offer paused

09 June 2020

Charge My Street offer closes after reaching 100%

26 May 2020

Ecological Land Cooperative offer closes after successful overraise!

14 May 2020

ART Business Loans' 2020 Share Offer Closes!

25 March 2020

Get Cycling's offer closed!

12 March 2020

BHESCO's share offer closed!

02 March 2020

Student Co-op Homes offer closed!

05 February 2020

St Ives CLT offer closed!

03 February 2020

YorSpace's offer closed!

03 February 2020

Schools Energy Coop's offer closed!

02 January 2020

Ethex Christmas opening hours 2020

24 December 2019

Solar for School's reach second raise milestone!

23 December 2019

People Power Key for Sustainable Future

10 December 2019

Solar for School's reach first raise milestone!

09 December 2019

The Hive Live offer closed!

01 November 2019

Brighton Energy Coop's offer closed!

31 October 2019

Westmill Solar's offer closed!

22 October 2019

Equal Care Co-op share offer closes

14 August 2019

The ethical question of alcohol

29 July 2019

Electric Blue's offer closed!

01 July 2019

Solar for School's offer closed!

18 June 2019

ART Business Loans offer closed!

25 March 2019

Low Carbon Hub offer closed!

08 March 2019

Somerset CLT's offer closed!

01 February 2019

Low Carbon Hub offer re-opens!

07 January 2019

Stockwood CBS's offer closed!

11 December 2018

Mustard Seed Offer closed!

03 December 2018

Bristol Energy Coop offer closed!

03 December 2018

Farfield Mill's offer closed!

30 November 2018

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