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Thera Trust

Social performance

Thera Trust works closely with and for people with a learning disability to empower them and support them to lead full, productive lives, and support them to have control over their own life. We do this by providing care and support at home and in the community and through a range of specialist services such as Financial Advocacy and Employment and Training support.

Thera's Trust's vision is that people with a learning disability can be leaders in society. Thera believes that they are the only large provider organisation in the country that employs paid directors with a learning disability.

Thera provides staff support and specialist services to enable them to engage fully in society and have personal control and choice in their lives as equal citizens in their local community.


Most of the work that Thera undertakes is delivered under contracts with 80 local authorities across England and Scotland which account for 99% of the Charity's income. Thera has a long standing relationship with many of their local authority customers.

Some key statistics from Thera's work so far, Thera:

  • 3,000 people supported with complex support needs to live a fulfilling life
  • 13 paid leaders with a learning disability, 4 of Thera's leaders celebrated 10 years in post
  • 7 voluntary directors with a learning difficulty 
  • 165 people with a learning disability gained paid employment and sustained their job for at least 6 months
  • 10 companies implementing fully inclusive company membership scheme
  • 55 people completed accredited qualifications or awards
  • 186 people completed fixed-term work placements
  • 26 staff with a learning disability still successfully employed in The Quality Company


Key Social Performance Indicators (KSPIs)

KSPIs are a measure of how the business is performing on delivering its main social or environmental purpose. Read more

KSPI1 – Promoting People’s Place in Society

Thera promotes the leadership abilities of people with a learning disability by employing them in senior roles within the organisation and offering them membership of their local Thera company. Thera also aims to support people to have a voice as citizens.

KSPI2 - Individual (Direct) Support – Supporting People to Have a Great Life

This is the main area of Thera’s work. Thera aims to support people to achieve their ambitions, increase their independence and social/personal well-being with support in many aspects of their day-to-day lives, helping them to maintain a tenancy and build circles and networks of support in their local community.

KSPI3 - Employment, Training and Social Enterprise Programme

Through Unity Works, The Camden Society supports people with a learning disability into work across London. This includes working through its social enterprises - catering, gardening, warehousing and distribution, in addition to working alongside a number of FE colleges to support young people of 19-25 years to progress from vocational courses into employment. The Camden Society’s expertise is starting to be shared more widely across the Group.

KSPI4 - Supporting Entrepreneurs

Through its Dolphin’s Den initiative, Thera supports people with a learning disability to set up their own business or community project. In 2018, 29 people with a learning disability completed a programme of Dolphins’ Den workshops.

KSPI5 - Housing Support

Thera provides a housing brokerage service to help people with a learning disability find somewhere to live. Forward Housing owns, leases and adapts property for people with a learning disability who are finding it difficult to identify a suitable house to meet their specific needs. Thera also provides support to people to move on from residential care accommodation to become tenants either in situ or in alternative accommodation.

KSPI6 - Financial Advocacy and Corporate Appointeeship

Dosh provides specialist, person-centred financial advocacy and support to manage individual budgets and direct payments as well as corporate appointeeship services to individuals.

KSPI7 - Quality Assurance

The Quality Company provides peer quality reviews of formal care and support. These are carried out by Quality Assessors with a learning disability supported by Quality Partners. A written report is provided to the person themselves and to their care and support provider.

KSPI8 - Community Capacity Building

Thera works to build the capacity and capability of people’s communities to be accepting and involving of their neighbours. Equal Futures help build and sustain circles of support around individuals with a learning disability currently living with their family. Thera (Scotland), Equal Futures and Neighbourhood Networks formed the TEN project to increase the informal networks of those people reliant on paid formal support in their lives.

Common environmental performance indicators (CEPIs)

CEPIs are environmental performance indicators that are common to all businesses, no matter what their main business activity is. Read more

Thera Trust does not currently report on the environmental performance of its properties or organisation. There is therefore no data available on its common environmental performance indicators (CEPIs) of carbon emissions, travel to work and, waste and recycling.

Common Social Performance Indicators (CSPIs)

CSPIs are social performance indicators that are common to all businesses, no matter what their main business activity is. Read more

Community investment

Thera's Community Support Leaders work to build the capacity and capability of people's communities to be accepting and involving of their neighbours with a learning disability.

Thera's Dolphins’ Den project supports people with a learning disability to set up their own business or community project. The aim of the project is to empower people to achieve their goals and to develop confidence.

Ethical procurement

Thera does not report on its procurement.

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