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How to buy Thrive Renewables Ordinary Shares

You can’t buy or sell Thrive Renewables shares on a stock exchange, such as the London Stock Exchange or the Alternative Investment Market. But you can trade them at monthly auctions via an independent Matched Bargain Service.

If you’re interested in buying and selling Thrive Renewables shares you can read the information below or contact the Matched Bargain Service provider, James Sharp & Co. at:

Phone: 0161 762 3763


Write to: Robert Fogg, James Sharp & Co., The Exchange, 5 Bank Street, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0DN

How to buy and sell shares via the Matched Bargain Service
The Matched Bargain Service is run by an experienced independent stockbroking partnership. For information on Thrive Renewables’ Matched Bargain Service provider (‘MBS provider) please click here.

The Matched Bargain Service allows investors and shareholders to trade existing shares in Thrive Renewables plc throughout the year. Buyers looking to invest and existing shareholders wanting to sell their shares can exchange shares at monthly auctions, run by the MBS provider.

What to do first
Buyers and sellers contact the MBS provider to register their sale or purchase order. The MBS provider will send the buyer or seller an application form to complete. For UK residents, a scanned or emailed copy of your passport or driving license will need to be provided. For non-UK residents, additional identity and address verification documents will be required and the MBS provider will advise you what is needed on application.

Buyers and sellers will need to state a price for buying or selling Thrive Renewables shares. Buyers will need to decide on the price per share they’re willing to pay, and the number of shares they wish to buy. Sellers will need to decide the minimum price they’ll accept for the shares. If you're selling shares you'll need to make sure you have your Thrive Renewables share certificate available. If you have misplaced your share certificate, a replacement can be ordered from the company Registrars Computershare, by calling 0370 707 1350.

You can chose to buy or sell shares at the current Directors’ recommended share price (currently £2.35), or set your own price. You can change your buy/sell price at any point up until the last working day before the auction closes, by contacting the MBS provider. 

Important note for sellers on deciding what price to list their shares at
Sellers need to set the minimum price that they are willing to accept for the shares. The idea is that the seller can determine a minimum price that they would be willing to accept, so they won’t ever sell the shares at a price they are unhappy with. Shares are matched by prioritising the highest priced buyer with the lowest priced seller, and shares will always trade at the buyer’s price. Buyers are able to see the minimum prices that sellers have listed at but buyers cannot see what price other buyers are bidding at. As buyers can’t see the highest current bid, this stops them from just bidding a penny more than the best current bid, and should ensure the sellers always receive the highest possible price a buyer was willing to pay for the shares.

Please do not set your minimum selling price at a price that is lower than what you would be happy to achieve for your shares. For example, if you set your minimum price at £1.00 you are accepting that a buyer may purchase your shares for £1.00 if that is the current highest buyer’s bid in that auction.

Once the first auction has closed on 19th February 2016 the prices achieved at that auction will be published here and on the Thrive Renewables website, to give buyers and sellers and idea of what prices can be achieved in the auctions. An example of how matches are prioritised can be found here.

Next steps
5 working days before the auction end date, the MBS provider will collate all the seller’s offers listing the minimum prices that the sellers are willing to accept and the quantity of shares for sale. They then email the list of seller’s offers to all buyers who have registered their interest. Buyers then have 5 working days before the auction closes to respond and place their final bids for the available shares. If a buyer does not have access to email they can contact our MBS provider by telephone to access the seller’s offers and place their final bid over the phone.

Once all bids have been placed, buyers and sellers will be matched on the date of auction, prioritising the highest priced buyers and the lowest priced sellers. The trades will always be matched and transact at the buyers’ price. Where two orders to buy or sell are offered at the same price, the order that was placed with the MBS provider earliest will be given priority.

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