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Towards a social stock exchange

Ethex offers you both a comprehensive analysis of positive investment opportunities, a way to find out about the businesses behind them and how to invest in them. It is the closest thing to an Ethical Stock Exchange to be found in the UK.

In 2009 Ethex director Jamie Hartzell wrote a paper entitled Towards a Social Stock Exchange which was published by Oxford University Business School. Although what was proposed there is not identical to Ethex, that paper sowed the seeds for the creation of Ethex as you see it now. 

If there were to be a Social Stock Exchange, the businesses you might find listed on it would be very different to those on the London Stock Exchange or listed in the back of the Financial Times.

In fact, they would be so different that we have chosen to redefine the usual stock exchange market sectors to create our own positive investment sectors. The table below gives you an idea of how the traditional business sectors would change, if all the businesses on a Social Stock Exchange were businesses offering positive investment opportunties: 

Conventional stock exchange sector Social Stock Exchange sector
Aerospace and Defence None
Finance and Insurance Community and ethical finance, micro-credit, credit unions
Food and Drink Organic food and farming, whole foods
Oil Gas and Utilities Renewable energy
Retail Distribution and Packaging Fair trade, local shops, recycled goods, eco-produce
Property and Construction Eco-housing, social housing, ethical property management
Health and Pharmaceuticals Natural health, enhancing health and education provision
Industrial Manufacture Environmental technologies
Leisure and Media Community radio and TV, eco-tourism
Forestry and Mining Sustainable timber, recycling companies
Transportation and Automobiles Low energy transport, sustainable fuels, bicycle shops, car clubs
Communications and IT Ethical or co-operative providers

Ethex has started to class the businesses it has according to these sectors and expects to add more sectors as new businesses join. You can read more about the business sectors on Ethex here.

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