Understanding the Positive Investor 2017

Moving from a minority pursuit to mass participation

Ethex’s latest Positive Investor 2017 report shows that interest in positive investment, or the saving and investing of personal financial wealth for the benefit of society, is growing faster than for traditional forms of investment.

This study of almost 4,000 people is the largest and most extensive ever undertaken into the positive investment market. It establishes that there is significant unmet demand in society for positive investment.

This work has been undertaken by the online positive investment platform Ethex, with finance from the Social Investment Research Council, and with help from Triodos Bank and the Community Shares Unit.

To download a copy of the 2017 Positive Investor report, choose from the following two options:

1) View the 2017 Positive Investor short report (36 pages)
2) Download the 2017 Positive Investor long report and source data (115 pages)

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