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What is positive investing?

Positive investing is about choosing to save and invest in businesses that are changing the world for the better.

These businesses have a clear social and environmental mission at their heart and work in areas like renewable energy, fair trade, social housing, organic farming, or micro-finance.

Just as you may choose to buy fair trade coffee, or switch to a renewable energy supply, or shop at a farmers’ market rather than a big supermarket, so you can choose how to save and invest your money. And you can expect to earn a measurable social and environmental return as well as a financial one.

Positive investing is different from ethical investing, which is based on screening out companies engaged in unethical practices, like arms trading, tobacco or fossil fuels. It is about saving and investing in businesses because of what they do, not what they don’t do.

Some call it a ‘triple bottom line’: People, Planet, Profit. Many believe that paying attention to people and planet is good for profits too – because more sustainable businesses will grow and be more successful in the long run.

Our research shows the positive investment market in the UK is worth about £1.6 billion; less than the ethical investment market of £12 billion but the sector is growing fast.

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