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Triodos Bank NV

Governance and people

Triodos Bank chooses to protect its social mission by not allowing direct ownership of its shares.

All shares are held in trust by the Foundation for the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares (SAAT). SAAT then issues depository receipts to the public and institutions. These depository receipts mirror the economic aspects of shares in Triodos Bank.

SAAT exercises its voting rights in Triodos Bank. The SAAT Board is guided in its voting decisions by Triodos Bank’s goals and mission, its business interests, and the interests of its depository receipt holders.

Investors in depository receipts are entitled to vote at the annual general meeting of the SAAT, but not of Triodos Bank itself.

Depository receipt holders

All data as per Triodos Bank 2017 Annual Report

Depositary receipt holder distribution, %

Depository receipt holder distribution by country

Institutions with a participating interest of 3% or more

Depository receipt holder % held
Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank BA 4.6%
Delta Lloyd Levensverzekering NV 3.2%

Total number of depository receipts in issue


Annual General Meeting

Triodos Bank holds an Annual Meeting in the UK each year. There is also an Annual General Meeting for depository receipt holders in the SAAT and for shareholders in Triodos Bank. This is usually held in May, and is occasionally held in the UK.

Last AGM

18th May 2018

Next AGM:

 May 2019


Please note that the information on board directorships was correct as of April 2016 and will only be periodically updated. Up to date information is available on the Triodos website


The daily management of Triodos Bank lies with the Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of the Statutory Directors and one or more managers appointed by the Statutory Directors. The Statutory Directors are formally responsible for the management of Triodos Bank and are appointed by the Supervisory Board.

Executive Board

SAAT Board

Supervisory Board

Gender Equality

In 2017 Triodos Bank employed 695 women (50.5%) and 682 men (49.5%). The share of women in management positions is 44%. Triodos Bank’s objective is that no more than 70% of its board positions are held by either gender. Triodos Bank currently meets this criteria in both its Executive and Supervisory Boards.

Female members of the Executive Board: 33%

Female members of the SAAT Board: 20%

Female members of the Supervisory Board : 43%

Salary Ratio

Ratio of the highest-paid co-worker to the median full-time salary of all co-workers (the median is defined excluding the maximum full-time salary in line with GRI guidelines).Read more

5.7 to 1

Directors remunerations

The highest paid director of Triodos Bank was Peter Blom who received a salary of €300,000 last year.

In all, the Executive Board  received a total of €1,040,000 in 2017.

Employee satisfaction

Triodos Bank NV produces an extensive employee satisfaction report on its co-workers.

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